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Heavy Fabrication

Texcel has been a reliable supplier for clients with time-sensitive and custom fabrication needs across various industries such as Steel, Power, Cement, Automobile, Refinery, Petrochemicals, Port handling, & several other allied industries. With state-of-the-art equipment and over 15 years of experience in successfully servicing domestic and overseas customers in close coordination with major EPC and OEMs, our group is equipped to meet any fabrication needs of these industries. Our strategically located manufacturing facilities help us to deliver over 3000 tons of monthly fabrication, at a competitive cost.

our manufacturing activities are supported by engineering capabilities, design, procurement, logistics, and project management. Texcel is constantly up-grading manufacturing facilities and infrastructure to meet market demands.

Some of the equipment delivered by Texcel are:

  • Launch Tilt Beam and Cradle Assembly for Rocket Launching station.
  • Foldable steel bridge used in Army.
  • Heavy and specialized storage tanks for Chemical and Process Industries.
  • Head Beam and Stacker, Separators,Cyclones for Cement Industries.
  • Ducts,Dryers,Cooling towers for Power Industries.
  • Port Dippler dust separation systems.Hopper,Cones for Port and Steel Industries.
  • Earth Moving structures for Mining Industries.
  • Industrial Fans and Transmission towers for all the industries.









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